Assessment Process

Best Companies Group conducts a simple yet thorough dealership assessment.  The assessment is a two-part process designed to gather detailed data about each participating dealership.  In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire and in part two, employees of the dealership complete an employee survey.

The collected information from the two instruments will be combined to produce a detailed set of data enabling the analysts to determine the strengths and opportunities of the participating dealerships.  The workplaces are ranked based on this data and then the Employee Feedback Reports are sent to each participating dealership (if purchased).

Part I – Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire (click for sample) New Condensed Survey!

Each dealership must complete the Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire. The Employer Questionnaire is where important information is captured about dealership policies, practices and demographics. This portion of the assessment is sent out shortly after the registration deadline and is due before the Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys (Part II) are sent. Please refer to the Timeline for more information.

The Employer Questionnaire is sent to the primary contact electronically and is completed and submitted online to aid in the functionality and ease of the surveying process.

Part II – Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey (click for sample) Revised Age Demographic!

The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey consists of 78 statements that employees respond to on a five point agreement scale. The survey also includes 2 open-ended questions and 7 demographic questions. 

The results are analyzed and categorized according to 8 Core Focus Areas: Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, Relationship with Supervisor, Training, Development and Resources, Pay and Benefits, and Overall Engagement.

Survey Process

Online or Traditional Paper? Best Companies Group conducts the majority of the employee surveys online. However, paper-based surveys are available at an additional cost for dealerships who do not have email addresses for at least 70% of their employees.

For the online survey, dealerships will be asked to submit a list of all eligible employee email addresses via an upload portal. (Best Companies Group will perform the random selection for online dealerships having over 250 employees.) Each employee will receive a unique Web-link via the submitted email to complete the survey. If some employees (up to 30%) do not have dealership email addresses, Best Companies Group can provide them with access codes to take the survey online. Click here for more information on Access Codes.

Please see our Statement of Confidentiality regarding the security of this sensitive data. All employee data is submitted anonymously.

Number of employees being surveyed

Best Companies Group will survey up to 250 randomly selected employees in a dealership depending on dealership size. The chart below lists how many employees will be randomly selected to participate.

We encourage all dealerships to use the online survey process. However, if online surveys will not work for your dealership, we offer a traditional paper based survey option. In addition to the $125 registration fee that all dealerships must pay, dealerships opting for the paper survey process have an additional fee outlined in the chart below.

Number of Employees
# Employees Surveyed
Paper Fee (1)
25 - 99 All $425
100 - 199
200 or more
Up to 250

(1) Fees are non-refundable.


The two data sets are combined and analyzed to determine the rankings. All participating companies will receive an Employer Benchmark Report as part of the process. The Employee Feedback Reports are available for purchase to gain in-depth insight from the employee survey process. To learn more about the reports please visit the Report Options page.


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