To participate, all dealerships begin by submitting a registration form. All dealerships will pay a non-refundable registration fee of $125 at time of registration submission. 

Registration Deadline: April 27, 2018 (Your registration is not complete until the $125 registration fee is paid)

Once the registration information is received by Best Companies Group, dealerships will receive a confirmation email which will include additional instructions. If your dealership needs to use our paper employee survey process, there are fees to cover printing, shipping and processing of the surveys. The paper fee is based upon the size of the dealership. If you opt for the paper process, your dealership will be billed separately from the $125 registration fee all dealerships will pay at registration.

Survey fees (In addition to the required, non-refundable $125 registration fee): Survey fees differ and are determined based upon the size of the dealership and whether or not you are eligible for or opt for the online process or if you need to use our traditional paper surveys. Paper fees will be invoiced separately after the dealership registration is received. Not sure if you are eligible for the online process? Please review the Assessment Process page starting under the "Survey Process" heading. 

Number of Employees
# Employees Surveyed
Online (1) Paper Fee (2)
25 - 99
$0 $425
100 - 199
200 +
Up to 250
(1) There is no additional cost beyond the initial $125 to participate using the standard online process (your dealership can opt to take advantage of our additional survey options for extra fees). Any additional charges will be billed separately from the $125 registration fee which is paid online.
(2) A nominal non-refundable paper fee to cover the cost of printing, processing and shipping the paper surveys

Added Value: Upon completion of the assessment process, all participating dealerships have the opportunity to purchase the results of the employee survey in the form of the Employee Feedback Report. Click here to learn more about the Employee Feedback Report. Order your report on or before April 27, 2018 and receive a 10% discount.

Number of Employees
Regular Price
Pre-Survey Pricing (Save 10%)*
25 - 99
100 - 199
200 +
* Order by April 27, 2018, to receive a 10% discount off of the Employee Feedback Report.

 Once registration is received, Best Companies Group will send the dealership, according to the Timeline:

  • Welcome and instructions via email (See Assessment Process for more details)
  • The Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire
  • The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

To continue to the second step of the registration process, please select from the options provided below. If you are registering one dealership or multiple dealerships with different primary contacts, please select "Single Dealership." If one person will be the point of contact for multiple dealerships, please select the "Multiple Dealerships" option.


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